Palaces and Lakes of Rajasthan with Saddle Skedaddle

One of the many great things about my line of work is the travel opportunities it brings. Back in October, only a few days after arriving back from Corsica, I found myself on the long flight to India.

The trip starts in Jaipur, where there is the chance to see the Amer Fort before the tour begins.

Each town that you call in at has a different character. We were there around Diwali and at night the streets light up as the markets bustled.

The majority of the riding was fairly flat, although in the distance the Aravalli hills are often seen.

We stopped over in Jaipur for two nights, one of which was Diwali, a non stop firework display across the Blue City.

A moments peace could be found with a trip out to the desert, swapping our bikes for camels.

Eventually the Aravalli hills were traversed, significantly more climbing than earlier in the trip but also the most beautiful scenery.

The trip finishes in Udaipur, a city on a lake with the backdrop of the Aravalli.